heavy lifting

[ hev-ee lif-ting ]


, Informal.
  1. hard work:

    A team of researchers did the heavy lifting for the author.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of heavy lifting1

First recorded in 1930–35

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Example Sentences

By turning the heavy lifting over to machine learning, you can ensure stronger outcomes for your campaigns while also giving yourself more time to further optimize other key advertising elements.

The Clippers had fallen to 21st in bench scoring through Sunday, relying far more on their starters to do the heavy lifting than in previous seasons.

DNNs trained on image recognition are now doing the heavy lifting automatically, turning a job that took months or years into one that’s complete in a matter of hours or days.

Human capital is your biggest asset as a newbie investor, meaning your future earnings potential should enable you to save money over time and allow compounding to do the heavy lifting for you.

From Fortune

You may find that if you let your TV remote do the heavy lifting, some of the others can stay in a drawer.

Worse, PREA uses the blunt instrument of federal funding to try to force states to do the heavy lifting of reform.

To be sure, Solarz was no stranger to controversy or heavy lifting.

Hannah Ware and Stuart Townsend manage to capture some heat together, but ultimately Betrayal feels like heavy lifting.

Lots of exercise, sprinting up and down driveways, heavy lifting.

The Saudi ambassador to Washington at the time, Prince Bandar, provided the heavy lifting.

It must not be supposed that, although the engine did all the heavy lifting, the men had merely to stand by and look on.

With some hard work and heavy lifting I got another good deadfall built that day.

This pleased Freddie and Flossie, and soon they were helping their mother, one of the sailors doing the heavy lifting.

The logs were so large that a day or more of burning and heavy lifting would be required to break through them.

The note underneath is "good response to therapy, has been doing much heavy lifting."





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