[ hee-brey-ahyz, -bree- ]
/ ˈhi breɪˌaɪz, -bri- /

verb (used without object), He·bra·ized, He·bra·iz·ing.

to use expressions or constructions distinctive of the Hebrew language.

verb (used with object), He·bra·ized, He·bra·iz·ing.

to make conformable to the spirit, character, principles, or practices of the Hebrew people.
Also Hebraicize; especially British, He·bra·ise.

Origin of Hebraize

1635–45; < Late Greek Hebraízein to speak Hebrew, behave like a Jew. See Hebrew, -ize

Related forms

He·bra·i·za·tion, nounHe·bra·iz·er, noun
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British Dictionary definitions for hebraize



/ (ˈhiːbreɪˌaɪz) /


to become or cause to become Hebrew or Hebraic

Derived Forms

Hebraization or Hebraisation, nounHebraizer or Hebraiser, noun
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