[ hahynz ]


  1. H(enry) J(ohn), 1844–1919, U.S. businessman: founder of food-processing company.

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Example Sentences

Heinz maps out how, across cultures and countries, from its origins in China in the 1800s to its revived popularity among Jewish American women in the 1950s, mah-jongg has always been a way to find community.

From Time

While they experimented with sweet-and-sour sauce, going so far as to swap in fresh cranberries for different brands of ketchup, they ultimately concluded that “Heinz is the signature flavor of sweet and sour,” says Chiou.

Once upon a time, brands were the things that got you to buy a particular car, or try a particular soap, or feed your kid Heinz baked beans.

From Time

The goods giant owns some of the world’s best-known brands, including Lipton tea, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, Heinz ketchup, and Dove beauty products.

From Fortune

For instance, Xinjiang’s sugar has made its way into Coca-Cola and the tomatoes have been used in Heinz ketchup, according to human rights reports.

Through his company, consumers will be able to cheaply make custom DNA strands, including what Heinz calls “creatures.”

What better time to revisit this day-in-the-life profile of one master, Gordie Howe, by another master, W.C. Heinz.

It was three and a half decades after that October 1962 game that I found Heinz standing in the driveway of his Vermont retreat.

But of course Marie would not shut up, and the fact that she kept talking to Heinz helped make the book possible.

As a writing colleague, Heinz knew the notebooks would be as important to me as anything he said.

He told me that the skipper of the Crescent claimed to have had nothing to do with the picking up of Jurgens off the Heinz pier.

I've made pretty near as many strong men as Heinz has made pickles.

Heinz Knig, too, has had good fortune with his Schwabacher type (p. 152).

Tommy Heinz grew thinner and thinner, while Pete nursed sharp post-prandial stomach pains.

On the newly finished seventeenth floor, he found Tommy Heinz pacing the corridor like an expectant young father.