noun Scandinavian Mythology. (in the Poetic Edda and the Volsunga Saga)

the son of Hjorvard and Svava, a Valkyrie.
his reincarnation, the son of Sigmund and Borghild: slayer of Hunding.

Origin of Helgi

< Old Norse: masculine singular weak form of heilagr holy, sacred
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Historical Examples of helgi

  • This is particularly the case with the poems in which the hero bears the name of Helgi.

  • Then the main interest begins, the story of Helgi and Sigrun.

  • Helgi summoned his men to save her from this loathed wedding.

  • It is in this second version of the story of Helgi that the tragedy is worked out.

  • And yet again there are traces of a third Helgi, with a history of his own.