/ hiːlɪˈænθəməm /


  1. any plant of the dwarf evergreen genus Helianthemum, some species of which are grown as rock-garden plants for their numerous papery yellow or orange flowers; related to the rockrose, which they resemble: family Cistaceae Also calledCape primrose

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Word History and Origins

Origin of helianthemum1

New Latin, from Greek hēlios sun + anthemon flower

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Example Sentences

Laid on the petals of the common furze (Ulex europæus), and on leaves of rock-rose (Helianthemum chamæcistus).

Cross section of the ovary of Frost weed (Helianthemum), with three parietal placent, bearing ovules.

I have seen a similar instance in a less degree in a species of Helianthemum.

The Sunflower (Helianthemum annuus) is an example of one of the plants belonging to this division which has seeds yielding oil.

It feeds from August to May on rock rose (Helianthemum), eating the withered and even mouldy leaves.


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