[ hee-lee-oh-sen-trik ]

  1. measured or considered as being seen from the center of the sun.

  2. having or representing the sun as a center: the heliocentric concept of the universe.

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Origin of heliocentric

First recorded in 1660–70; helio- + -centric

Other words from heliocentric

  • he·li·o·cen·tri·cal·ly, adverb
  • he·li·o·cen·tric·i·ty [hee-lee-oh-sen-tris-i-tee], /ˌhi li oʊ sɛnˈtrɪs ɪ ti/, he·li·o·cen·tri·cism [hee-lee-oh-sen-truh-siz-uhm], /ˌhi li oʊˈsɛn trəˌsɪz əm/, noun

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How to use heliocentric in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for heliocentric


/ (ˌhiːlɪəʊˈsɛntrɪk) /

  1. having the sun at its centre

  2. measured from or in relation to the centre of the sun

Derived forms of heliocentric

  • heliocentrically, adverb
  • heliocentricity or heliocentricism, noun

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Scientific definitions for heliocentric


[ hē′lē-ō-sĕntrĭk ]

  1. Relating to or measured from the center of the Sun.

  2. Relating to a model of the solar system or universe having the Sun as the center. Compare geocentric. See Note at Copernicus.

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