[ hee-lee-o-truh-piz-uh m, hee-lee-uh-troh-piz-uh m ]
/ ˌhi liˈɒ trəˌpɪz əm, ˌhi li əˈtroʊ pɪz əm /


heliotropic tendency or growth.

Origin of heliotropism

First recorded in 1850–55; helio- + -tropism
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British Dictionary definitions for heliotropism

/ (ˌhiːlɪˈɒtrəˌpɪzəm) /


the growth of plants or plant parts (esp flowers) in response to the stimulus of sunlight, so that they turn to face the sun

Derived forms of heliotropism

heliotropic (ˌhiːlɪəʊˈtrɒpɪk), adjectiveheliotropically, adverb
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Scientific definitions for heliotropism

[ hē′lē-ŏtrə-pĭz′əm ]

The growth or movement of a fixed organism, especially a plant, toward or away from sunlight. Heliotropism can be easily seen in sunflowers, which slowly turn their large flowers so that they continually face the sun.

Other words from heliotropism

heliotropic adjective (hēl′lē-ə-trōpĭk, -trŏpĭk)
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