[ hel ]
/ hɛl /



(used to express surprise, irritation, disgust, etc.)

Verb Phrases

hell around, Slang. to live or act in a wild or dissolute manner: All they cared about was drinking and helling around.

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Origin of hell

before 900; Middle English, Old English hel(l); cognate with Old High German hell(i)a (German Hölle), Old Norse hel, Gothic halja; akin to Old English helan to cover, hide, and to hull2

Related formshell-like, adjective


[ heel; unstressed eel, hil, il ]
/ hil; unstressed il, hɪl, ɪl /

contraction of he will.
Can be confusedheal heel he'll

Usage note

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British Dictionary definitions for hell


/ (hɛl) /



informal an exclamation of anger, annoyance, surprise, etc (Also in exclamations such as hell's bells, hell's teeth, etc)

Word Origin for hell

Old English hell; related to helan to cover, Old Norse hel, Gothic halja hell, Old High German hella


/ (hiːl, unstressed iːl, hɪl, ɪl) /

contraction of

he will or he shall
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Culture definitions for hell


The dwelling place of Satan, devils, and wicked souls condemned to eternal punishment after death; a place of pain and torment. (Compare heaven.)

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Idioms and Phrases with hell


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