[ hel-uhs ]

  1. an area in the southern hemisphere of Mars, appearing as a light region when viewed telescopically from the earth.

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[ hel-uhs, e-lahs ]

  1. ancient Greek name of Greece.

Origin of Hellas

First recorded in 1790–1800; from Latin Hellas “northern Greece (as opposed to the Peloponnesus); the whole of Greece,” from Greek Hellás, a name applied to several places in ancient Greece, e.g., Dodona; a part of Phthiotis in Thessaly inhabited by the Myrmidons; a city in Thessaly; northern Greece (as opposed to the Peloponnesus); the Peloponnesus, Epirus, and Thessaly; all the lands occupied by the Hellenes, e.g., Magna Graecia; further origin uncertain

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How to use Hellas in a sentence

  • Mona—Mona—heaven above and all the gods of hell and Hellas, what a fool, what a fool I've been!

  • None of the greater gods of Hellas are winged like the tutelar gods of the Assyrians and Persians were.

  • Ellan or Hellan was alternatively entitled Hellas, and in Greek the word allos meant “the one”.

    Archaic England | Harold Bayley
  • When once they were written, copies were made, and the rest of Hellas adopted these for their public purposes.

    Homer and His Age | Andrew Lang
  • On the whole, however, their state is merely a caricature of the polls, a corruption of Hellas.

    We Philologists, Volume 8 (of 18) | Friedrich Nietzsche

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/ (ˈhɛləs) /

  1. transliteration of the Ancient Greek name for Greece

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