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[ hel-ping ]


  1. the act of a person or thing that helps.
  2. a portion of food served to a person at one time:

    That's his third helping of ice cream.


  1. giving aid, assistance, support, or the like.


/ ˈhɛlpɪŋ /


  1. a single portion of food taken at a meal

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Other Words From

  • helping·ly adverb
  • un·helping adjective
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Word History and Origins

Origin of helping1

First recorded in 1175–1225; Middle English; help, -ing 1, -ing 2
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Example Sentences

Each day, we’re served a heaping helping of heat and humidity, with a side of widely scattered storms.

San Diego Unified School Board members Sharon Whitehurst-Payne and Richard Barrera clapped back, calling Montgomery Steppe disingenuous, and said she should do a little more helping and a little less question-asking.

For the moment, at least, it appears there’s some appetite for a generous helping of giant computer chips.

Put it all together, and you get a team that’s not quite ready to break into the Champions League and Europa League spots, but possesses a clear identity and adds a delightful helping of chaos to every match.

Miles’s tone swings all this speed-herstory along, with a giant helping of feminist theory.

Stephanie Giorgio, a classical musician, credits The Class for helping her cope with anxiety, focus, fear, and self-doubt.

That kind of compassion might go a long way toward helping us begin to respond to a hurting world.

Congress loves to be Scroogey when it comes to helping the poor at Christmastime.

It was because of Delta that I actually started helping out in the community, volunteering.

Objectively, they are not just riding with the tide, but helping to guide its very direction.

I only saw the glitter of a bayonet which a Mexican thrust into his shoulder, at the very moment he was helping me up.

Recollective Analysis, or Analysis for the purpose of helping to learn by heart, is not an originating or manufacturing process.

He saw Lettice and his cousin helping towards this exquisite deliverance somehow.

A story or narrative is invented for the purpose of helping the student, as it is claimed, to memorise it.

This would be a device for helping him to revive this hitherto unrecallable name.





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