/ (Swedish hɛlsiŋˈbɔrj) /

  1. a port in SW Sweden, on the Sound opposite Helsingør, Denmark: changed hands several times between Denmark and Sweden, finally becoming Swedish in 1710; shipbuilding. Pop: 121 097 (2004 est): Former name (until 1971): Hälsingborg

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How to use Helsingborg in a sentence

  • The victory at Helsingborg was only one bright star in a night of darkness.

    Sweden | Victor Nilsson
  • The victory of Helsingborg was the most glorious of the battles fought by Magnus Stenbock.

    Sweden | Victor Nilsson
  • The coal mines, near Helsingborg, in Scania, commenced to be operated at his instigation.

    Sweden | Victor Nilsson
  • When we have passed that you will soon see the heights of Elsinore and Helsingborg rising ahead.

    The Mummy and Miss Nitocris | George Griffith
  • He was soon sufficiently sure of their ability to risk a battle, which was fought at Helsingborg, February 28, 1710.

    Sweden | Victor Nilsson