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[ hem-er-ij, hem-rij ]


  1. a profuse discharge of blood, as from a ruptured blood vessel; bleeding.
  2. the loss of assets, especially in large amounts.
  3. any widespread or uncontrolled loss or diffusion.

verb (used without object)

, hem·or·rhaged, hem·or·rhag·ing.
  1. to bleed profusely.
  2. to lose assets, especially in large amounts.

verb (used with object)

, hem·or·rhaged, hem·or·rhag·ing.
  1. to lose (assets):

    a company that was hemorrhaging money.


/ hĕmər-ĭj /

  1. Excessive or uncontrollable bleeding, often caused by trauma, surgical or obstetrical complications, or the advanced stages of certain illnesses, such as cirrhosis and peptic ulcer disease.

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Other Words From

  • hem·or·rhag·ic [hem-, uh, -, raj, -ik], adjective
  • posthem·or·rhagic adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of hemorrhage1

1665–75; < Latin haemorrhagia < Greek haimorrhagía. See hemo-, -rrhagia

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Example Sentences

In the US, pregnancy-related deaths occur for many reasons, including cardiovascular conditions, infections and hemorrhage caused or worsened by being pregnant or giving birth.

Many of the brains appear superficially normal but reveal swelling or hemorrhage once dissected.

She started her business in 2016 after undergoing her own emergency C-section and learning that many pregnant women die of postpartum hemorrhage simply due to a lack of blood available for transfusions.

From Ozy

She has “taken a bad turn,” and her condition worsens after she falls and experiences a brain hemorrhage.

He lost consciousness on impact and sustained an intracerebral hemorrhage.

In 1993 a doctor described the Lazarus phenomenon in a seventy-five-year-old man with a lung hemorrhage.

Many patients who die have fixable wounds—their deaths are from hemorrhage.

Britain does not want to see the City of London hemorrhage hundreds of billions of pounds if Russian investors pull out.

The pianist would survive Kennedy by 15 years, before succumbing to a cerebral hemorrhage at age 48.

But within a minute, the midwife called for backup, and Turlington Burns began to hemorrhage.

Recognition of occult hemorrhage has its greatest value in diagnosis of gastric cancer and ulcer.

Yellowish or brown, needle-like or rhombic crystals of hematoidin (Fig. 32) may be seen after hemorrhage into the bowel.

As for me, I have to lay aside my lawn tennis, having (as was to be expected) had a smart but eminently brief hemorrhage.

"It's nothing serious; just a—pretty bad hemorrhage," he said, finding it necessary to pause between words.

The danger, as I have already told you, lies in renewed hemorrhage; but that I hope we can prevent.


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