[ hen-suhn ]


  1. Jim James Maury Henson, 1936–90, U.S. puppeteer: creator of the Muppets.
  2. Matthew Alexander, 1866–1955, U.S. Arctic explorer: accompanied Peary to North Pole 1909.

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Example Sentences

Henson said this took place at the time Nixon and her husband separated and later divorced.

“Julia retreated to her home base of Raleigh to raise her son near family,” Henson said.

Henson also points out that Nixon’s father was a gospel singer at the family’s church in North Carolina, providing her with a strong background in yet another genre of music.

The names of Erikson, Peary, and Henson have likewise stayed with us.

It’s clear how physically challenging this work was, though it’s also obvious that Henson and Oz, whose friendship was close but also a little prickly, loved their work beyond measure.

From Time

The more important smell test is one of tone: that cocktail of cleverness, warmth, and mania that marked the Henson years.

When Jim Henson created The Muppet Show in 1976, he unveiled a truly unique form of entertainment.

Of course, the Jim Henson Company owned the Muppets for decades, so a lot of the confusion is understandable.

NBC eventually tore down the dressing room and turned it into a Henson shrine.

I must, however, allow that Mr. Henson is a courteous disputant, and I hope I shall reciprocate his good feeling.

Mr. Henson's paper is not, in my opinion, a very forcible one on the intellectual side.

Mr. Henson sends me the pamphlet himself "with his compliments," and I have read it carefully.

The relation of Christianity to slavery is an historical question, and Mr. Henson treats it as though it were one of dialectics.

Mr. Henson simply reads into certain New Testament utterances what was never in the speakers' minds.


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