[ hef-zuh-buh, -suh- ]
/ ˈhɛf zə bə, -sə- /


the wife of Hezekiah and the mother of Manasseh. II Kings 21:1.
a name applied to Jerusalem, possibly as denoting its prophesied restoration to the Jews after the Captivity. Isa. 62:4.Compare Beulah(def 1).
Also Hep·si·ba [hep-suh-buh] /ˈhɛp sə bə/. a female given name.
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fem. proper name, biblical, from Hebrew Hephtzibah, literally "my delight is in her," from hephtzi "my delight" (from haphetz "to delight, to desire") + bah "in her."

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