Heraclides of Pontus

/ (ˌhɛrəˈklaɪdiːz, ˈpɒntəs) /

  1. ?390–?322 bc, Greek astronomer and philosopher: the first to state that the earth rotates on its axis

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How to use Heracleides in a sentence

  • Philip gave Heracleides a kind of problem to work out,—how to circumvent and destroy the Rhodian fleet.

  • When they were at the doors, and on the point of stepping in to dinner, they were met by a certain Heracleides, of Maronea .

    Anabasis | Xenophon
  • Of course to the mind of Heracleides this is all silly talk; since the one great object is to keep money by whatever means.

    Anabasis | Xenophon
  • Seizing on this pretext, Heracleides immediately began hiring mercenaries, and calling on some men of high position to assist him.

  • They understood the meaning of this theatrical exhibition, and made no secret of their distaste for Heracleides.