[ her-uh-klid ]

noun,plural Her·a·cli·dae [her-uh-klahy-dee]. /ˌhɛr əˈklaɪ di/.
  1. a person claiming descent from Hercules, especially one of the Dorian aristocracy of Sparta.

Other words from Heraclid

  • Her·a·cli·dan [her-uh-klahyd-n], /ˌhɛr əˈklaɪd n/, adjective

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/ (ˈhɛrəklɪd) /

nounplural Heraclidae or Heraklidae (ˌhɛrəˈklaɪdiː)
  1. any person claiming descent from Hercules, esp one of the Dorian aristocrats of Sparta

Derived forms of Heraclid

  • Heraclidan or Heraklidan (ˌhɛrəˈklaɪdən), adjective

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