or Her·a·clei·dae

Also called Children of Hercules.


noun, plural Her·a·cli·dae [her-uh-klahy-dee] /ˌhɛr əˈklaɪ di/.
  1. a person claiming descent from Hercules, especially one of the Dorian aristocracy of Sparta.
Related formsHer·a·cli·dan [her-uh-klahyd-n] /ˌhɛr əˈklaɪd n/, adjective
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Historical Examples of heraclidae

  • He meets and slays Hyllus, and the Heraclidae engage not to renew the invasion for one hundred years.

  • We now pause at Elis, which had also felt the revolution of the Heraclidae, and was possessed by their comrades the Aetolians.

  • The return of the Heraclidae occasioned consequences of which the most important were the least immediate.

  • But the affair of the Heraclidae took place eighty years after the destruction of Troy.

  • Aristarchus says he lived about the period of the Ionian emigration; this happened sixty years after the return of the Heraclidae.

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noun plural Heraclidae or Heraklidae (ˌhɛrəˈklaɪdiː)
  1. any person claiming descent from Hercules, esp one of the Dorian aristocrats of Sparta
Derived FormsHeraclidan or Heraklidan (ˌhɛrəˈklaɪdən), adjective
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