[ her-uhld ]
/ ˈhɛr əld /


verb (used with object)

to give news or tidings of; announce; proclaim: a publicity campaign to herald a new film.
to indicate or signal the coming of; usher in.

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Origin of herald

1300–50; Middle English herau(l)d < Old French herau(l)t < Frankish *heriwald, equivalent to *heri army + *wald commander (see wield). Compare name Harold

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British Dictionary definitions for herald


/ (ˈhɛrəld) /


  1. a person who announces important news
  2. (as modifier)herald angels
often literary a forerunner; harbinger
the intermediate rank of heraldic officer, between king-of-arms and pursuivant
(in the Middle Ages) an official at a tournament

verb (tr)

to announce publicly
to precede or usher in

Word Origin for herald

C14: from Old French herault, of Germanic origin; compare Old English here war; see wield

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