here goes

  1. here one goes again . Someone is repeating the same action or speech, especially an undesirable one. For example, Here he goes again, criticizing all his colleagues , or The power's out—here we go again . [ Colloquial ; mid-1900s]

  2. An expression or exclamation declaring one's resolution to do something, as in This hill is steeper than any I've skied before, but here goes! This usage is sometimes amplified to here goes nothing , meaning one is starting something that one doubts will succeed, as in I've never tried this before, but here goes nothing . [Early 1800s]

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Example Sentences

KERMIT: Here goes: Tell us about your relationship with Kermit.

And the problem here goes beyond the tricky navigation of nativist-dominated presidential primaries.

I've been meaning to answer this, but haven't gotten around to it, so here goes: it seems like a fine idea, as far as it goes.

But the rupture here goes well beyond offering aid and comfort to those who believe the commander-in-chief is secretly a Kenyan.

But a case I must have—and a case I will have—and here goes!'

I said to my dear wife, here goes, we must have bread or starve: if the train leaves before I return to you—well, good-bye!

For this you may thank yourself, for I heard that you complained of my silence—so here goes for garrulity.

I dont know what the skipper would say to this, exclaimed Jack, but here goes.

"Well, here goes," cried Jack, jumping into the saddle and giving the grip a slight turn.


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