[ hur-maf-ruh-dahyt ]
/ hɜrˈmæf rəˌdaɪt /
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(no longer in common use; now considered offensive) an individual in which both male and female reproductive organs are present, or in which the chromosomal patterns do not fall under typical definitions of male and female.Compare pseudohermaphrodite.
Biology. an organism, as an earthworm or plant, having both the male and female organs of reproduction.
a person or thing in which two opposite qualities are combined.See also gynandrous.
of, relating to, or characteristic of a hermaphrodite.
combining two opposite qualities.
Botany. monoclinous.


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Origin of hermaphrodite

First recorded in 1350–1400; Middle English hermofrodite, from Latin hermaphrodītus, from Greek hermaphródītos, originally a proper name (Hermaphródītos ) of the son of Hermes and Aphrodite; his body became joined with that of the nymph Salmacis

usage note for hermaphrodite

The term hermaphrodite was once commonly used in medical and informal contexts to refer to people, though this use is now dated and considered offensive. Intersex has become the preferred term. It can refer to a person born with both male and female reproductive organs or with a chromosomal pattern that does not align with typical male or female patterns, for instance, an individual with a mix of XX and XY chromosomes or with androgen insensitivity syndrome.

OTHER WORDS FROM hermaphrodite

her·maph·ro·dit·ic [hur-maf-ruh-dit-ik], /hɜrˌmæf rəˈdɪt ɪk/, her·maph·ro·dit·i·cal, adjectiveher·maph·ro·dit·i·cal·ly, adverbher·maph·ro·dit·ism [hur-maf-ruh-dahy-tiz-uhm], /hɜrˈmæf rə daɪˌtɪz əm/, her·maph·ro·dism [hur-maf-ruh-diz-uhm], /hɜrˈmæf rəˌdɪz əm/, noun
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How to use hermaphrodite in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for hermaphrodite

/ (hɜːˈmæfrəˌdaɪt) /

biology an individual animal or flower that has both male and female reproductive organs
a person having both male and female sexual characteristics and genital tissues
a person or thing in which two opposite forces or qualities are combined
having the characteristics of a hermaphrodite

Derived forms of hermaphrodite

hermaphroditic or hermaphroditical, adjectivehermaphroditically, adverbhermaphroditism, noun

Word Origin for hermaphrodite

C15: from Latin hermaphrodītus, from Greek, after Hermaphroditus
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Scientific definitions for hermaphrodite

[ hər-măfrə-dīt′ ]

An organism, such as an earthworm or flowering plant, having both male and female reproductive organs in a single individual.
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