[ hur-muh-noo-tiks, -nyoo- ]
/ ˌhɜr məˈnu tɪks, -ˈnyu- /

noun (used with a singular verb)

the science of interpretation, especially of the Scriptures.
the branch of theology that deals with the principles of Biblical exegesis.

Origin of hermeneutics

First recorded in 1730–40; see origin at hermeneutic, -ics
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British Dictionary definitions for hermeneutics

/ (ˌhɜːmɪˈnjuːtɪks) /

noun (functioning as singular)

the science of interpretation, esp of Scripture
the branch of theology that deals with the principles and methodology of exegesis
  1. the study and interpretation of human behaviour and social institutions
  2. (in existentialist thought) discussion of the purpose of life

Word Origin for hermeneutics

C18: from Greek hermēneutikos expert in interpretation, from hermēneuein to interpret, from hermēneus interpreter, of uncertain origin
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