[ huh-roh-dee-uhn ]

  1. of or relating to Herod the Great, his family, or its partisans.

  1. a partisan of the house of Herod.

  2. a member of a political group that supported the dynasty of Herod and opposed Jesus.

Origin of Herodian

<Late Latin (Vulgate) Hērōdiānī (plural); see Herod, -ian

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How to use Herodian in a sentence

  • Under the shadow of this pile was the high place of the Herods; in sight was a second Herodian palace.

    The City of Delight | Elizabeth Miller
  • But the burned ruin where the Herodian palace had stood was the center of the most characteristic frenzy.

    The City of Delight | Elizabeth Miller
  • Even a great part of the Herodian troops went over to the malcontents, and assisted them against the Romans.

  • Its influence, if it ever had any, was declining with the decreasing significance of the Herodian line.

    The Cradle of the Christ | Octavius Brooks Frothingham
  • At any rate, it is certain that she was by some ancient writers identified with the moon, as Lucian and Herodian.

    Moon Lore | Timothy Harley