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/ hɪˈrəʊɪks /

plural noun

  1. prosody short for heroic verse
  2. extravagant or melodramatic language, behaviour, etc

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Example Sentences

The tale was quickly slammed as Zionist propaganda by Hamas, and not all Israeli officials were convinced of his heroics, either.

These unexpected heroics can make for great watching—especially for the impartial amateur.

For his heroics, one of the soldiers, Billy Lynn, has achieved a national celebrity on the magnitude of Jessica Lynch.

When will elected officials catch up to the unsung heroics of central bankers?

Are they not capable of intelligence, science, heroics, humanity, empathy, or love?

We left Mrs Sullivan sobbing in her anger, when her husband bounded out of the room in his heroics.

I have not borrowed much from Ibn Khallikan's heroics, but this is good.

Having a romantic temperament and a taste for heroics, I had wished to fight and eat hard tack for my country.

He himself has stood within the ruined Colosseum and re-echoed Byron's heroics.

There must be no heroics at parting; she would leave in the early morning and must reserve all her strength.


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