[ her-uh n ]
/ ˈhɛr ən /


any of numerous long-legged, long-necked, usually long-billed birds of the family Ardeidae, including the true herons, egrets, night herons, and bitterns.

Origin of heron

1275–1325; Middle English heiro(u)n, hero(u)n < Middle French hairon (French héron) < Germanic; compare Old High German heigir

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[ heer-on ]
/ ˈhɪər ɒn /


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/ (ˈhɛrən) /


any of various wading birds of the genera Butorides, Ardea, etc, having a long neck, slim body, and a plumage that is commonly grey or white: family Ardeidae, order Ciconiiformes

Word Origin for heron

C14: from Old French hairon, of Germanic origin; compare Old High German heigaro, Old Norse hegri

British Dictionary definitions for heron (2 of 2)

/ (ˈhɪərɒn) /


same as Hero
Patrick. 1920–99, British abstract painter and art critic
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