[ er-re-rah ]


  1. Fran·cis·co de [f, r, ahn-, thees, -kaw , th, e], el Viejo, 1576–1656, Spanish painter and etcher.

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Example Sentences

Herrera suffered from “extreme burnout,” and a “type of exhaustion that a week-long vacation doesn’t fix, as a direct result of the pandemic,” he said.

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Both Rosenfeld and Herrera said they noticed they were not putting in the same amount of time and energy into their jobs anymore this summer — about a year and a half into the pandemic.

From Digiday

Herrera’s blast traveled 414 feet to right-center field, and Hand also hit McCutchen with a pitch before getting out of the inning.

Around that same time, he signed an agreement to produce perfumes by Herrera, a Venezuelan designer who had risen to prominence in New York.

Reaching that consensus is a key part of the reopening strategy, Matthews said, not “a plan to make a plan” as Herrera alleged.

And with the variety we have at the gala — Thom Browne, Sarah Burton, Carolina Herrera — those are three very different worlds.

And Olivia Palermo weds in three-piece Carolina Herrera ensemble.

Herrera is seeking to have the city reimbursed for its care of indigent patients it claims were dumped there by Nevada.

As for incorporating some of the Herrera models in his music videos?

On Thursday, Mario Lopez Herrera, the provincial minister of security for the district of Tucuman, was forced out of office.

Others apparently disappeared at a later day, for we are now aware that many to which Herrera refers cannot be found.

There is a manifest tendency in Herrera to turn Las Casas's qualified statements into absolute ones.

Herrera did not publish his results, which are slavishly chronological in their method, till half a century later (1601-15).

Herrera, so far as his record concerns Columbus, simply gives us what he takes from Las Casas.

Such is the story as the Historie tells it, and which has been adopted by Herrera and others.