[ hez-i-tuh n-see ]
/ ˈhɛz ɪ tən si /

noun, plural hes·i·tan·cies

hesitation; indecision or disinclination.

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Also hes·i·tance.

Origin of hesitancy

From the Latin word haesitantia, dating back to 1610–20. See hesitant, -ancy

Related formspre·hes·i·tan·cy, noun, plural pre·hes·i·tan·cies.

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Word Origin and History for hesitancy



1610s, from Latin haesitantia "action of stammering," from haesitantem (nominative haesitans) "stammering," present participle of haesitare (see hesitation).

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Medicine definitions for hesitancy


[ hĕzĭ-tən-sē ]


An involuntary delay or inability in starting the urinary stream.

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