[ hes ]


  1. Dame Myra, 1890–1965, English pianist.
  2. Victor Francis, 1883–1964, U.S. physicist, born in Austria: Nobel Prize 1936.
  3. Walter Rudolf, 1881–1973, Swiss physiologist: Nobel Prize in Medicine 1949.
  4. (Wal·ther Rich·ard) Ru·dolf [vahl, -t, uh, r, , rikh, -ah, r, t , roo, -dawlf], 1894–1987, German official in the Nazi party.


/ hɛs /


  1. HessMyra, Dame18901965FEnglishMUSIC: pianist Dame Myra. 1890–1965, English pianist
  2. Hess(Walther Richard) Rudolf18941987MGermanPOLITICS: Nazi leader ( Walther Richard ) Rudolf (ˈruːdɔlf). 1894–1987, German Nazi leader. He made a secret flight to Scotland (1941) to negotiate peace with Britain but was held as a prisoner of war; later sentenced to life imprisonment at the Nuremberg trials (1946); committed suicide
  3. HessVictor Francis18831964MUSAustrianSCIENCE: physicist Victor Francis. 1883–1964, US physicist, born in Austria: pioneered the investigation of cosmic rays: shared the Nobel prize for physics (1936)


/ hĕs /

  1. American geologist who studied the sea floor and developed the theory of sea-floor spreading in 1960. Hess theorized that sea floors were constantly renewed by the flow of magma from the Earth's mantle through the oceanic rifts. This hypothesis became an important component of the theory of plate tectonics.

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Example Sentences

Hess and his colleagues believe they have found the solution.

Hess and colleagues determined that trillions of lightning strikes could have produced 110 to 11,000 kilograms of schreibersite every year.

In March, after the pair had been texting for a few weeks, Hess mustered the courage to ask out McNaught for coffee, but then coffee suddenly ceased to be a possibility.

This fall, they moved into a new place together, with room for both of Hess’s children and McNaught’s son.

Amanda Hess at Slate criticized attempts at comparing Solo and Rice and the responses of their two different sports leagues.

Hess concludes, “the vilest [online] communications are still disproportionately lobbed at women.”

Indeed, this is how police reacted to Amanda Hess when she reported that she was being stalked on Twitter.

These are household names, global corporate titans: Sony, Pepsi,Apple, Microsoft, Hess.

Both Hess and Shaffir are saying that women's prayer at the Western Wall is not top on the average Israeli's priority list.

“I was telling you about our chair having been in the Hess family,” explained Sid.

Hess flatly declared that "the species was the end, and the individuals were only means."

In reply to his critic, Moses Hess, Stirner gives some examples of unions that already exist.

Mr. Hess was entrusted with the boat for the purpose of bringing immigrants down the river.

The general speaks of the tory Hess (in his first letter) as if he had been forced to confess.


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