[ hes-ter ]


  1. a female given name, form of Esther.

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Example Sentences

During the pandemic, Hester’s lab developed a “smart mask” prototype decked out with tiny sensors that check vital signs like temperature, heart rhythm, and respiratory rate—all powered by the vibrations from the user’s breaths.

Hester’s team creates arrays of small, smart, battery-free electronics that grab ambient energy.

Eid and Hester had been pondering how to harvest energy from such distance and from lots of different directions.

Still, Hester’s team wants to find other ways to create energy.

Hester says it’s better to play games like Tetris on the new device because there is a lot of button mashing.

Hester is a longtime researcher on evidence-based methods of moderating drinking.

Browne tells the story of a Sergeant Leigh Ann Hester and squad leader Timothy Nein who came under attack in Iraq.

Hester gave her grenade to Nein because he "had the better arm."

Interpretation spans, Hester says, “among a group of 10 random contributors from 10 random countries.”

And then, of course, there was poor Hester Prynne—branded with a scarlet letter for mothering a child with another man.

Hester sprang up from her seat, and seizing the dog by the forepaws, danced him violently about the room.

It does seem odd, continued Hester, our contemplating formal society, doesnt it?

I would back the intelligence against the accomplishments any day, said Hester, sagely.

Julie acknowledged this flattery by a wan little smile, and following Hester out of the 24 room, went in to see her father.

Hester fiercely bit her lip and gulped down the tears that threatened to choke her.


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