[hyoo-luh n-dahyt]
  1. a white or transparent, colorless mineral of the zeolite family, hydrous calcium aluminum silicate, CaAl2Si7O18⋅6H2O, occurring in basic volcanic rocks in the form of crystals with a pearly luster.

Origin of heulandite

1815–25; named after Henry Heuland, 19th-century English mineral collector; see -ite1
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  1. a white, grey, red, or brown zeolite mineral that consists essentially of hydrated calcium aluminium silicate in the form of elongated tabular crystals. Formula: CaAl 2 Si 7 O 18 .6H 2 O

Word Origin for heulandite

C19: named after H. Heuland, 19th-century English mineral collector; see -ite 1
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