/ ˈhɪkɒks /


  1. HickoxRichard (Sidney)19482008MBritishMUSIC: conductor Richard ( Sidney ). 1948–2008, British conductor; musical director of the City of London Sinfonia and Singers (1971–2008)

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Example Sentences

As Kaci Hickox treated patients in Sierra Leone, she faced the heartbreaking task of caring for children who died in front of her.

These reactions are precisely what concerned Hickox in her essay.

The trunks and other luggage were put out on the dock, and Mr. Hickox sauntered up and viewed them with an air of great interest.

"There's no sense in our doing anything else, Mrs. Hickox," said Leicester, coming to his sister's rescue.

Mrs. Hickox shook her head until the jets on her bonnet rattled, and the children wondered if she wouldn't shake some of them off.

While Fairy was talking, Mrs. Hickox had shaken hands all around, and had backed down the steps.

Mrs. Hickox was a nervous, fidgety woman, and waved her hands about in a continuous flutter.





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