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  1. Edward, 1780–1849, U.S. painter.
  2. Granville, 1902–82, U.S. writer, educator, and editor.
  3. Sir John Richard, 1904–1989, British economist: Nobel Prize 1972.

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Example Sentences

Hicks and others used saliva to test the mouth’s microbiome.

In the outfield, Judge, Hicks and Clint Frazier have all rated as subpar this season by fielding runs above average,13 with Brett Gardner grading out as average.

He is survived by his former wife Patti, about 15 nieces and nephews and many good friends, including Delurba, Hicks, and Hicks’ partner Burnell Bennings, and Emeigh and Emeigh’s partner Bobby Wallace.

In between, the president met with dozens of aides without wearing a mask — even in close quarters and after top aide Hope Hicks had tested positive.

Hicks says that Hawk-Eye Live has made tennis “more accurate.”

Traffic is still dense along Hicks Street but no one rushes him.

In an interview with ABC News on Sunday, Hicks said he was given a desk job that is the equivalent of being “put in closet.”

Editor's Note: This story has been updated with a response from the State Department regarding Greg Hicks.

Stephens County District Attorney Jason Hicks told The Oklahoman on Thursday that they were looking at other motives as well.

Gregory Hicks is the new hero of the right and is, I think, a case in point.

An' if any of yo' uns insinuates I am afraid, yo' uns will have to settle with Josh Hicks, an' that mighty quick.

The major and Hicks, who stood not far from him, were both unusually pale in the face, as they gazed motionless before them.

Hardy and Hicks flung the huge marrow bones with which they happened to be engaged at the time.

Just then Hicks caught sight of Duncan, and yelled: "Bill, did yo' un meet a party of about a dozen men a few minutes ago?"

My hand flew to mine as I jerked the dun up short, but I wasn't fast enough—and Hicks was too close.