[ hahy-dee ]

interjectionSouth Midland U.S.
  1. howdy1 (used as a greeting).

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How to use hidy in a sentence

  • Tum-dum-tiddy-hidy-dum—tom-tom-tiddy-hiddy-tom—ti-too-tidy-hidy-ti—ti-ti-ti-tum.

  • Who was the old man I found in what you call your hidy-hole?

    Hunted and Harried | R.M. Ballantyne
  • It had been jist a hidy-hole in troubled times, whan the cuintry wud be swarmin wi' stravaguin marauders!'

    Heather and Snow | George MacDonald
  • He soon found that his master had been wrong in supposing that the hidy-hole had been discovered or destroyed.

    Hunted and Harried | R.M. Ballantyne