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high seas

plural noun

  1. sometimes singular the open seas of the world, outside the jurisdiction of any one nation
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Idioms and Phrases

Open waters of an ocean or sea, beyond the territorial jurisdiction of a country. For example, Commercial fishermen are being forced to go out on the high seas in order to make a living . [c. 1100]
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Example Sentences

Only in the high seas are there still some habitats free of invasive species.

And only in the high seas do we find living organisms that are more than 8,000 years old, such as deep-sea corals.

They are crossing the borders of the United States and they are risking the high seas to reach Europe.

Gravy Boat Caity Weaver, Gawker My week on the high seas with Paula Deen.

War on the high seas of the Eastern Med is not inevitable, of course.

It is a naked truth that there was no law for boys who lived on the high seas until very recent years.

However, she served the purpose of displaying the Confederate States flag in a foreign port and on the high seas.

Christmas Day on the high seas off Adelie Land, everything wet and fairly miserable; incipient mal de mer, wind 55-60; snowing!

Before very long the restless Valbiorn was once more roaming alone on the high seas, spreading war and confusion in his wake.

I would as soon turn pirate on the high seas as to give my consent to any such arrangement.


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