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or high five

[ hahy-fahyv ]


  1. a gesture of congratulation, solidarity, or greeting in which one person slaps the upraised palm of the hand against that of another.

verb (used with object)

  1. to congratulate, express solidarity with, or greet (a person) with a high-five:

    I'm such a couch potato that I'd love to high-five the genius who invented remote controls.

verb (used without object)

  1. to exchange high-fives:

    After pulling out a win, the players noisily high-fived before leaving the court.



  1. a gesture of greeting or congratulation in which two people slap raised right palms together


  1. to greet or congratulate (a person) in this way

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Word History and Origins

Origin of high-five1

First recorded in 1975–80 ( five in reference to the five fingers of the hand)

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Example Sentences

When we nodded, she broke into a wide grin, gestured with two thumbs up, and finished off with a high-five.

It was no fun at all paying high five-figure debt on a low five-figure salary.

I speak from experience: I graduated from Chicago with (very) high five-figure debt.

Five dollars gets you a “genuine, limited edition high-five from both Tom and Gary.”

A guy in a classic Chevy Impala stops to high-five people passing him.

Games of solo, high-five, and piute went on without him and in heated arguments no one any longer asked his views.

“Neat trick,” Kurt said, and they had a little partner-to-partner high-five.

Just before him stood, by a high five-barred gate, a pensive gray cob attached to a neat-looking gig.





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