[ hahy-hat ]
/ ˈhaɪˈhæt /

verb (used with object), high-hat·ted, high-hat·ting.

to snub or treat condescendingly.


snobbish; disdainful; haughty.

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Origin of high-hat

First recorded in 1915–20; v., adj. use of high hat

Related formshigh-hat·ter, noun

high hat


Slang. table tripod.
Also hi hat. a set of high-hat cymbals.

Origin of high hat

First recorded in 1885–90

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British Dictionary definitions for high-hat



informal snobbish and arrogant

verb -hats, -hatting or -hatted (tr)

informal, mainly US and Canadian to treat in a snobbish or offhand way


informal a snobbish person
two facing brass cymbals triggered by means of a foot pedal

high hat


another name for top hat
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Word Origin and History for high-hat

high hat


1889, "tall hat;" also used synechdochically for men who wear such hats; figurative meaning "swelled head" is from 1923. Drum set sense is from 1934.

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