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[ hahy-in-kuhm ]


  1. of or relating to those with a larger income than the average.

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Example Sentences

Needles to say, no other high-income country behaves like this with deadly weapons.

To take housing as an example, low-income Americans live in worse neighborhoods than their middle or high-income counterparts.

And it's why they basically caved on the Bush tax cuts, ultimately agreeing to significant tax hikes on high-income Americans.

That means dividends paid by a C corporation to a high-income shareholder faced an effective tax rate of 96 percent!

That problem is only compounded in the courtroom, where high-income husbands can assemble what Weitzman calls “legal dream teams.”

He named a spot—a high-income residential small city some forty miles from the planetary capital.

The essential justice of the measures is not the only consideration affecting high income and inheritance taxes.


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