[ hahy-loh hahy-loh ]


  1. a game of poker in which both high and low hands are eligible to win, the pot usually being split equally between the player with the highest hand and the player with the lowest hand.
  2. Also high·low. an ankle-high, laced shoe.
  3. Chiefly Bridge. a signal for one's partner to lead a suit, conveyed by playing a high card and then a lower card in that suit.


  1. having a hemline that is longer in the back than the front:

    high-low dresses; a high-low blouse.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of high-low1

First recorded in 1795–1805

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Example Sentences

I was very into this idea of being high-low, of being serious and intellectual but also making a really broad jokes.

This high-low discordance often is seen in tropical medicine.

Bait-and-switch was the whole glorious gimmick of high-low editing, and I am happily guilty on every count.

The last to take the runway was a shimmering gold, high-low gown with two elbow length cuffs, a thick choker, and heeled mules.

To combat the malaise, fast food joints are pursuing a high-low strategy, or, as I prefer to dub it, the “Moms and Bros” strategy.

This edition was gotten up by Sunderland for a high-low-jack pack, and was read the first night.

He never had any instruction in his profession, aside from a slight amount of training in high-low-jack.

They had started an innocent game of high-low-jack and had been stopped.

They could not understand why Nolan kept by himself while they were playing high-low-jack.

But the Major and the Colonel were playing a rubber of seven-up (or high-low-Jack) and paid no attention.





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