[hahy-muhk-uh-muhk, -muhk-uh-muhk]


an important, influential, or high-ranking person, especially one who is pompous or conceited.

Also high-muck·y-muck [hahy-muhk-ee-muhk, -muhk-ee-muhk] /ˈhaɪˌmʌk iˈmʌk, -ˈmʌk iˌmʌk/, high-muck·e·ty-muck [hahy-muhk-i-tee-muhk, -muhk-i-tee-muhk] /ˈhaɪˌmʌk ɪ tiˈmʌk, -ˈmʌk ɪ tiˌmʌk/.

Origin of high-muck-a-muck

1855–60; < Chinook Jargon hayo makamak literally, plenty to eat, much food, perhaps extended derisively to Indians of high status with much disposable wealth, as for potlatches; hayo < Nootka ḥayo ten (the base of various measures with suffixes for specific countable nouns); mak(a)mak eat, food < Nootka ma·ḥo·ma(q-) part of whale meat between blubber and flesh
Also called muck-a-muck.
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Related Words for high-muck-a-muck

dignitary, mogul, heavyweight, bigwig, VIP, celebrity, nabob, notable, personage, somebody

British Dictionary definitions for high-muck-a-muck



a conceited or haughty person

Word Origin for high-muck-a-muck

C19: from Chinook Jargon hiu muckamuck, literally: plenty (of) food
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