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[ hahy-prahyst ]


  1. expensive; costly:

    a high-priced camera.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of high-priced1

First recorded in 1785–95

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Example Sentences

Perhaps in part because it was an FBI coup, the CIA stepped in with its high-priced psychologist.

Hiring a few high priced lobbyists is a much cheaper and more effective way to convince regulators to look the other way.

But her high-priced and highly praised wardrobe is not her only image challenge.

Still, auctioneers are proving that the market for high-priced art online is large and growing fast.

Warby Parker's reinvention of the high-priced optical industry relied on one main tactic: cutting out the middleman.

He had the most high-priced chef in the world, with six chefs under him, two of whom made a specialty of American dishes.

Being very high-priced, it was soon so sophisticated as to be quite unreliable.

Good illustrated books, which are an ornament to any library, are now high priced, and are not likely to fall in value.

Green is a poor color for both cotton and woolen materials unless it is high priced.

Then examine different priced fabrics of the same kind and see whether the low or high priced fabric has the greater density.


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