[ hahy-ten-shuhn ]

  1. subjected to or capable of operating under relatively high voltage: high-tension wire.

Origin of high-tension

First recorded in 1910–15

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How to use high-tension in a sentence

  • Its principle of action does not differ in essentials from the high tension type previously described.

    Aviation Engines | Victor Wilfred Pag
  • The moving parts of the magneto need never be disturbed if the high-tension winding is to be removed.

    Aviation Engines | Victor Wilfred Pag
  • The equipment consists of the magneto, coil and special high-tension switch.

    Aviation Engines | Victor Wilfred Pag
  • The high-tension terminal brush on the side of the magneto should also be carefully inspected for proper tension.

    Aviation Engines | Victor Wilfred Pag
  • This outer coil is termed the "secondary" winding and is the one from which the high-tension, or transformed, current is taken.

    The Gasoline Motor | Harold Whiting Slauson

British Dictionary definitions for high-tension


  1. (modifier) subjected to, carrying, or capable of operating at a relatively high voltage: a high-tension wire Abbreviation: HT

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Scientific definitions for high-tension


  1. Having a high voltage, or designed to work at or sustain high voltages. High-tension wires used to carry electrical power over long distances sustain voltages over 200,000 volts. Compare low-tension.

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