higher rate


  1. (in Britain) a rate of income tax that is higher than the basic rate and becomes payable on taxable income in excess of a specified limit
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Example Sentences

This is a slightly higher rate than U.S. consumers buy new breasts (313,000 surgeries out of a population of 313 million).

None of the SARs reports any projected savings attributable to a higher rate.

For the first time in our history, according to the Census Bureau, blacks are now voting at a higher rate than whites.

Instead, Obama has done the direct opposite—deporting more immigrants at a higher rate than any of his predecessors.

“I wanted to pay girls a higher rate but my hands were tied,” she says.

What difference is between us and them but that we are dearer fools, coxcombs at a higher rate?

It causes the stepping-up of the human physical structure into an infinitely higher rate of vibration.

Nor shall Congress have power to authorize any higher rate of taxation on persons held to labor or service than on land.

The girls at the machines formerly earned $7.50, and now earn with the machine set at the higher rate of speed from $8 to $11.

The American income tax has a higher rate on large incomes than that provided for under the English system.





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