Higher Still


    1. a system of post-Standard Grade qualifications offered at five levels including Higher and Advanced Higher
    2. ( as modifier )

      Higher Still courses

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Example Sentences

Should a solar flare vibrate the interstellar plasma in the next few years, the tone would be higher still.

But travel even higher still, to the tiny towns clustered on the border of Myanmar, and the cuisine changes yet again.

Here, the stakes are infinitely higher still– no question about it.

If the high wage is paid and the short hours are granted, then the price of the thing made, so it seems, rises higher still.

But the sheer quantity of the inflated currency and false money forces prices higher still.

But higher still, was it not for his own glory that God revealed himself as a God in Covenant?

Higher still does the ambition of the heart lead you, for you seek to make the fair heart of joy a bride.

Up flies his rapier idly—she with a sudden flip tosses it higher still, and with a leap, by Gox!





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