hill country


  1. (in North Island) elevated pasture land for sheep or cattle

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Example Sentences

And I no longer have trouble remembering what brought us to that Hill Country ranch what feels like so many election cycles ago.

My husband and I were married in May 2007 on a sprawling rent-a-ranch in the Texas Hill Country.

When the Delta yielded to the hill country, they felt better.

Bruce and his followers suffered serious privations in the hill country.

From this point the road direct to Abergavenny is a good one and passes through much of the picturesque hill country of Wales.

Where we stood a bridle-path parted from it at a sharp angle and made its way over the lower skirts of the hill country.

In which massacre the women, children and weakest sort of people forsook the place and fled for safety into the hill country.

He absorbed their spirit as naturally and completely as he had absorbed the sights and sounds of his native hill-country.





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