[ hil-bil-ee ]
/ ˈhɪlˌbɪl i /
Often Disparaging and Offensive.
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noun, plural hill·bil·lies.

a term used to refer to a person from a backwoods or other remote area, especially from the mountains of the southern U.S. (sometimes used facetiously).


of, like, or relating to hillbillies: hillbilly humor.



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Origin of hillbilly

An Americanism dating back to 1895–1900; hill + Billy
Hillbilly is often used with disparaging intent and perceived as insulting, implying that a person who lives far away from a town or city lacks culture or education. However, this term is also used in a humorous way without intent to offend, and it is sometimes a positive term of self-reference.
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British Dictionary definitions for hillbilly

/ (ˈhɪlˌbɪlɪ) /

noun plural -lies

usually derogatory an unsophisticated person, esp from the mountainous areas in the southeastern US
another name for country and western
C20: from hill + Billy (the nickname)
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