[ hil-muhn ]


  1. Sidney, 1887–1946, U.S. labor leader, born in Lithuania.

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Example Sentences

Cosby decides to make a fictional black college—Hillman—central to the show.

The cynics are crowing after Jeffrey Hillman turned out to be neither homeless nor shoeless.

DiPrimo could have harassed Hillman, roughed him up, told him to quit loitering and move on.

The News described Hillman as a petty criminal with 11 arrests for non-violent crimes.

Since then, a police source told the New York Daily News that the homeless man is 54-year-old Jeffrey Hillman.

I first saw Mrs. Hillman the day after the destruction of the steam-bakery at the North End.

A harsh, thin cackle behind the curtains put the hillman on his mettle for a second shot.

A hillman walked behind him with a wadded cotton-quilt and spread it carefully by the fire.

Men who cannot control their own coolies are little respected in the Hills, and the hillman has a very keen sense of humour.

Ismail came and held King's stirrup, striding beside him with the easy Hillman gait.





Hillishill myna