[ hilz-deyl ]


  1. a town in NE New Jersey.

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Example Sentences

At the same time, county party leaders in Hillsdale and elsewhere are working on a ballot initiative to force an Arizona-style election review.

I don't know if I made many converts at Hillsdale, but the exchange was a lively one.

I'm inquiring whether Hillsdale will post video of the event in a publicly accessible channel.

On the campus of Hillsdale College in Hillsdale, Mich., a tour bus pulled up to the the snow-covered student union.

An interesting illustration is afforded by the Hillsdale ice case in Michigan.

Miss Anthony spoke at Hillsdale to a densely crowded opera house, while full 1,000 people were unable to gain admission.

The next day being Monday, my wife took me to Hillsdale to see our friends, hoping a change of place and scenery would help me.

The Hillsdale Scouts did their steps perfectly, they had to admit, but they lacked "pep."

I'm so tired of hearing those Hillsdale Girl Scouts raved about.





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