/ ˌhɪməˈleɪən /


  1. of or relating to the Himalayas or their inhabitants

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Example Sentences

The Himalayan kingdom started welcoming visitors nearly 40 years ago.

Some point to the small Himalayan kingdom of  Bhutan, the site of a 2014 pilgrimage by Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber .

The most terrifying thing I encounter during my visit is a fat, white Himalayan stray cat with red eyes and a scrunched up face.

Her story reflects how many Himalayan-born female mountaineers get their start: through determination.

Douse the whole thing with some olive oil and add Himalayan pink sea salt to taste.

A great cumulus cloud piled up like a Himalayan peak in the west beyond my mouse-gray dwelling.

The typical Himalayan river runs in a gorge with mountains dipping down pretty steeply to its sides.

The factor of elevation makes the climate of the Himalayan tracts very different from that of the plains.

Below 4000 feet, especially in confined river valleys the Himalayan climate is often disagreeably hot and stuffy.

In the western sub-Himalayan tracts, as in the Punjab, the weather still leaves little to be desired.


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