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[hind-fuh l]
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noun (in the Volsunga Saga)
  1. the mountain on whose fiery top Brynhild slept until awakened by Sigurd.
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Also Hindafell.
Compare Isenstein.

Origin of Hindfell

< Old Norse Hindarfjall mountain of the hinds, equivalent to hindar, plural of hind hind2 + fjall mountain (cf. fell5)
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Historical Examples

  • All these he piled on the back of the good horse Grani, and then he rode south to Hindfell.

    The Red Fairy Book


  • His heart was merry with victory and ever he thought of Hindfell and of Lymdale and the love of Brynhild.

  • Hindfell, the word means "deer-mountain," since "fell" means any hill, and "hind" is the word we still use for a deer.

  • On parting from her he receives back from Brynhild his own ring given to her at Hindfell in the days of their bliss.

  • He came to a mountain-summit at last: Hindfell, where the trees fell away, leaving a place open to the sky and the winds.