[ hingk-tee ]
/ ˈhɪŋk ti /

adjective, hink·ti·er, hink·ti·est. Slang.

Definition for hinkty (2 of 3)


or hink·ty

[ hingk-tee ]
/ ˈhɪŋk ti /

adjective, hinc·ti·er, hinc·ti·est. Slang.

conceited or snobbish.

Origin of hincty

1920–25; of obscure origin; compare-cty in dicty

Definition for hinkty (3 of 3)


or hin·key, hink·ty, hinc·ty

[ hing-kee ]
/ ˈhɪŋ ki /

adjective, hin·ki·er, hin·ki·est. Slang.

acting in a nervous or very cautious way.
suspicious: Whenever he agrees with me, you know something hinky is going on!
snobbish; haughty.

Origin of hinky

First recorded in 1920–25; origin unknown
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