or hin·key, hink·ty, hinc·ty

[ hing-kee ]

adjective,hin·ki·er, hin·ki·est.Slang.
  1. acting in a nervous or very cautious way.

  2. suspicious: Whenever he agrees with me, you know something hinky is going on!

  1. snobbish; haughty.

Origin of hinky

First recorded in 1920–25; origin unknown

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How to use hinky in a sentence

  • I experienced a somewhat similar emotion in Chicago on being introduced to hinky Dink.

    Abroad at Home | Julian Street
  • I'll tell you what happens: some city editor sends a kid reporter to get a story about hinky Dink.

    Abroad at Home | Julian Street
  • "hinky Dink" saw him, paid for a week's lodging at the Mills Hotel, and gave him money for meals each day.

  • They are told to "take home a cake of hinky-dink's Soap tonight; your wife needs it!"

    The Psychology of Salesmanship | William Walker Atkinson
  • My companion and I felt that while we were "getting" hinky Dink, he was not failing to "get" us.

    Abroad at Home | Julian Street