or hin路key, hink路ty, hinc路ty

[ hing-kee ]
/ 藞h瑟艐 ki /
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adjective, hin路ki路er, hin路ki路est.Slang.
acting in a nervous or very cautious way.
suspicious: Whenever he agrees with me, you know something hinky is going on!
snobbish; haughty.
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Origin of hinky

First recorded in 1920鈥25; origin unknown
Dictionary.com Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, 漏 Random House, Inc. 2022


What does hinky mean?

Hinky is a slang term that most often means suspicious or dubious, as in I didn鈥檛 open that email because the subject line seemed hinky and it might have been spam.

Hinky can be used to describe people鈥檚 actions as well as objects. If your sister who never agrees with you suddenly does, you might think her agreement is a little hinky.

Hinky also means acting very cautious or nervous, as in Lester was so nervous about the big exam that he was acting all hinky, tapping his pencil against the desk and wriggling in his seat.

Hinky can also mean snobbish or haughty, as in Miriam鈥檚 hinky way of talking to new students let them know she didn鈥檛 think much of them and wasn鈥檛 a nice person.

Example: This is hinky 鈥 why would both of them be in the same place at the same time?

Where does hinky come from?

The first records of the term hinky come from around the 1920s. Its origin is unknown, but some have suggested it evolved from the slang term hincty meaning 鈥渃onceited.鈥

Hinky is most often used to describe something that is suspicious in a way that causes unease or fear. Sometimes instead of describing people, it will be used to describe something that seems incorrect, such as an overly convenient plot point in a film, a plan that seems too good to be true, or the shape of something that is deformed. Often hinky is used to describe something as vaguely wrong or suspicious.

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What are some other forms related to hinky?

  • hinkier (adjective)
  • hinkiest (adjective)

What are some synonyms for hinky?

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How is hinky used in real life?

Hinky is most can be used in casual conversations, especially when accusing someone or something of being wrong or hiding something.


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A. haughty
B. pompous
C. humble
D. snobbish

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